Renewing your Commission

How to Renew your Notary Commission

At the completion of the term of each notary commission, you may renew your commission. You can renew your notary commission 60 days before your current notary commission expires (for example, if your commission expires on May 31, you may renew your commission on April 1). You have until 30 days after your commission expired to renew your notary commission. If you do not renew your notary commission within the prescribed timeframe, you will not be able to renew; you will have to complete a new notary application.

For every commission, including a renewed notary commission, you must appear before the Clerk of the Circuit Court to take the oath of office and receive the commission. It does not matter how many times you have been commissioned as a notary. Your commission is not valid until and unless you appear before the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

To renew your notary commission, you must submit a renewal application online at

It usually takes 1-3 business days for a completed renewal application to be approved. If approval takes longer, it is likely because there is a problem with your application that must ber esolved before proceeding.

Be proactive and check in with the Secretary of State about the status of your application. Do not assume the determination status of your application.

In order to complete the application, have the following items ready before you apply:

  • An electronic image of your government-issued photo ID that verifies your home address. This image must be in PDF, JPEG, JPG, or PNG format. If your current address does not match the address on your government-issued photo ID, you must also provide a copy of your MVA Change of Address Card with an address that matches the home address provided on your application. A passport is not an acceptable ID for a notary application.
  • An electronic image of your Certificate of Completion of a study course.
  • The legislative district in Maryland where you reside and your State Senator’s name.
  • The $9 application fee is due at the time of application, as is a $2 service fee.

After receiving notification that your commission has been approved, you must appear before the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the county in which you are commissioned to take the oath of office within 30 days of the date you were notified. Failure to appear within 30 days will result in revocation of your commission, and you will have to reapply.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court will provide your notary commission after your are sworn in. After you are sworn in and you have received your commission, you are an official Notary Public for the State of Maryland.